The UCB – Union of Cyclists of Brazil is a civil organization that brings together Cyclists’ Associations, cyclists, other entities and people interested in promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transportation, leisure and sport, in urban and rural regions, as well as sustainable mobility.

The UCB, founded 24 of november of 2007, was born from the need to organize the agenda of discussions and interventions at the federal level, which is beyond the reach of local organizations and with the mission of: Contributing to national schedules regarding mobility by through political advocacy and become a national reference as a representative entity of civil society, bringing together, articulating and mobilizing local initiatives and with order social sectors at national level.

UCB’s main statutory objectives are:

  • Promote the use of bicycles as a means of transportation, leisure and sport in urban and rural regions;
  • Congregate and represent organizations from all over the brazilian territory that act in the promotion of the cycling mobility;
  • Encourage and advise on the legal constitution of entities promoting the use of bicycles in brazilian municipalities;
  • Gather and provide information for the activities of this members and society in general to promote cycling mobility;
  • Intervene with governmental, legislative, judicial, business and civil society organizations at the federal, state and, where appropriate, municipal levels to defend cycling mobility and cyclists’ rights;
  • Propose the democratization of the elaboration of norms and public politics related to mobility and traffic through collegiate bodies with the participation of civil society;
  • Stimulate and contribute to improving the quality of bicycles and their components and accessories;

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